Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wandering Minstrel Table

A random list for you. 

*Wandering Minstrel Table (roll a d12)*

Roll a d12 on each list and then combine the results. Or mix and match. Really you can do whatever you'd like with it. 

1.) Silver lute
2.) Wooden flute (think Native American)
3.) Pan pipes
4.) Guitar
5.) Wooden Harp
6.) Mandolin
7.) Drums
8.) Violin
10.) Silver flute
11.) Small silver harp
12.) Sackbut (feel bad for this one)

1.) Finely dressed in bright colors
2.) Fat and shabbily dressed in dull colors
3.) Extremely tall
4.) Wears an extremely brightly colored cloak
5.) Clown shoes
6.) Statuesque woman
7.) Tiny woman
8.) Wears drab colors in shades of brown and gray
9.) Lots of jewelry
10.) Funny hat
11.) Scruffy beard
12.) Missing a finger

Musical style
1.) Love songs sung ironically
2.) Martial tunes
3.) Bawdy ballads
4.) Lovelorn songs
5.) Religious hymns
6.) Popular dance music (but played a dirge-like pace)
7.) Dirges and other funeral music
8.) Popular dance music
9.) Everything
10.) Lullabies
11.) Wedding songs
12.) Anthems (these are religious anthems as used in the Baroque period and brought to perfection by Handel in his Chandos Anthems)

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