Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last week I drew up a map at working using the technique from Zak Smith's Vornheim (quite possibly the best city supplement I've ever read).

Here's the first version of the map.

After some cleaning up and colorization and such here's the current version. It still needs a great deal of work to get where I want it to be. My plan is to do a smaller map of each of the various districts and neighborhoods. I'd also like to have floor plans of a few of the major sites in each district. For example, The Flying Pony's floorplan is already done and the notorious inn is strategically situated at the intersection of three of the major roads in the city.

Each district will have a name and function, though what those will be I've yet to determine. I have the name of the bay, which is called "The Claw", or sometimes simply "Claw". 

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