Sunday, January 8, 2012

Real Geomorphs: Marble Cave MO and Wind Cave, SD

Two geomorphs for you today, both of them a bit unusual in my opinion.

The first is that of Wind Cave from western South Dakota. This one is unusual and that there are over 135 miles of mapped and explored caves in the system, making it one of the longest in the world. It sits beneath the largest natural grass prairie in the United States.

The second is Marble Cave, located in Missouri. This one is unique because these drawings were done in the late 1800s and there's a book about the cave available via the Gutenberg project.

Longitudinal and Cross-Sections of Passages in Marble Cave, Stone Co., Missouri. Plotted by Fred Prince, 1894.

Geomorph done in 1894 by Fred Prince

The Surveyed Portions of Marble Cave, Stone County, Missouri. Surveyed and Plotted by Fred Prince, 1894. Scale of 100 feet.

I think this next map is particularly evocative simply because it shows the massive amount of space in the Wind Cave system in South Dakota.

This one isn't so evocative but is perhaps more useful as a regular survey/map of the Wind Cave system in South Dakota. 



  1. Wind cave looks like a great dungeon crawl!

  2. It's so incredibly immense that you could spend an entire campaign down there.