Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Magic Rings

Roll a d10 (or just pick one).

1.) Plain gold men's ring.
Beggar Knight's Banquet. Wear it when preparing a meal and it will taste deliciously, no matter how poor the ingredients. Easy enough to find out though, it should taste of basil and thyme. I suggest you wash it before tasting however, who knows where it has been.

2.) Large man's ring with a ruby in it (looks like a signet ring, only there's no seal)
Arcane Signet Ring, the seal can only be seen by those able to see magic. It is a common ring for wizards to keep around

3.) Women's gold ring with a small pearl
Demeter's Sigh. Has the power to acellerate the growth of any plant to full fruition overnight.

4.) Stone ring with a pair of ravens etched into it (one on the outside, the other on the inside)
The Lost Eye. It grants a plus to your wisdom, but you lose the sight in your right eye while wearing it.

5.) A woman's bracelet/ring combo. It's three rings, connected by fine silver chain to each other and also to a bracelet. The rings go over the ring finger, the middle finger, and the index finger. Jewels in order appear to be jade, onyx, and diamond.

Soulcaster. When the wearer touches the jade stone followed by the onyx and diamond, she will be able to view any ghosts or other spirits who are around. When she touches the onyx, and then the diamond and then the jade, she will be able to help those souls leave the world and move on to their final resting spot. When she touches all three at once she will be able to disassociate herself from her body and travel the world as if she were a ghost.

6.) A man's silver ring with a fox etched into it.
Huli-jing Snare. Don't put it on, or you'll release the fox spirit contained in it and be trapped yourself.

7.) A man's gold ring with etched knotwork

8.) A woman's ring with etched knotwork. It appears to be a matching set with the man's ring.
#7 and 8 are a pair of Lovers' Quarrels. Highly specialized, the rings require two people who are wed and are also using ranged weapons. As long as the pair wear the rings and remain within hearing distance of each other, their ranged weapons will not run out of ammunition.

9.) A ring made of fur or hair woven together in a complicated braid. In the center is a large emerald.
Promise of Youth The ring grants a plus to your con and a minus to your wisdom. Once put on, it does not come off until the fibers wear through, at which point it becomes disenchanted.

10.) Another braided ring, only this one is made of three strands of finely beaten gold strands.
Protection Ring. Grants a bonus to the wearer's armor.

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