Monday, February 13, 2012

Real Life Megadungeons: Ayutthaya, Thailand

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I love to use real life as inspiration for my gaming. Yesterday this image popped up in my RSS reader courtesy of the tumblr blog Subterranean Design (a blog that everybody needs to be following):

The head is normally above water

The image immediately resonated with me, so 45 minutes later and the magic of Google I learned the following. The image is from the city of Ayutthaya in Thailand, which was founded in 1350. The dynasty ruled until 1765 when an invading Burmese force of some 40,000 soldiers sacked the city. Just a few years later the Burmese army was forced to withdraw because of the threat of an invasion of Burma by Chinese armies, leaving the city of Ayutthaya in ruins.

The founders of the city chose well in picking the site. It's at a junction of three rivers, as well as being placed on a main trade route. Part of the city (the "old city" as it's called) is actually located on an island.

Some examples of the city's architecture:

(photo by Justin Gaurav Murgai)

A possible dungeon entrance?

Another oracle?

Painting of the city that was ordered to be done by the Dutch East India Tea Company:

And another one

Where's the dungeon you ask? Simple--just imagine that all the pagodas and towers are linked with underground tunnels and passageways. Or better yet don't even imagine that there's a dungeon--there's enough ruined structures and buildings to keep a party busy for awhile.

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  1. Where's the dungeon you ask?

    Or you could take a cue from that eerie first picture and have the entire city submerged underwater.