Monday, December 19, 2011

Real Geomorphs: Blue Cave, WV

What's the saying "The truth is stranger than fiction?" I often find that using real life as gaming inspiration is the most fruitful, because the vast majority of the work is already done. I just have to file of the numbers and repaint it.

In that spirit I present to you some geomorphs for your next adventuring session.

The Organ-Hendricks Cave System is one of the largest in the state of West Virginia. Giant ground sloths, sabre-tooth cats, grizzly bears and all other sorts of bones have been found in the cave to add flair and adventure to the trip. 

Here are two different geomorphs of the caves, sourced from the Flickr account of G.S. Springer.


  1. out of curiosity, did you find these via Subterranean Design or by some other means? (I ask b/c I co-curate SD)

  2. dave

    Yeah I saw them originally in Subterranean Design. I'm confident I've pimped SD on here before--I know I've done it many times in conversations on G+.

  3. Cool. To be clear, I didn't mean that as "Why aren't you pimping my tumblr?!" - I just wanted to see if you were among its readers. Happy New Year!